LOVE FROM THE EARTH: Another valentines letter template option from Craftivist Jane Bartlett

23 Jan LOVE FROM THE EARTH: Another valentines letter template option from Craftivist Jane Bartlett

At the London Craftivism evening in Tatty Devine’s shop last Thursday (more info here) a lovely craftivist called Jane attended her first Craftivist Collective meeting. Jane emailed us to book a place and came along with so much energy, enthusiasm and positivity – she fitted in with the rest of the group perfectly.

After the meeting Jane emailed us another option for a valentines card. It was so beautiful we wanted to share it with you. If you want to use Jane’s letter (below) instead of the template you can find here then please do. Alternatively you could write your own but please make sure it fits in with our manifesto and climate change.

14 February 2011

The flowers, the chocolates, the jewellery, the cards, are all from me – symbols of my love straight from my heart, from my fields, my farmland, my forests and my far-away places,

my seed, my bounty, my riches.

All I have I share with you, but I need you to love, respect and protect me in return.

For all the times that you act as though you don’t need me and don’t care about me, I know that for as long you may live we will always be inseparable, that this relationship is for life. There will always be people who take me for granted, and abuse me, leaving me ravaged and scarred and at times and in places struggling to survive, but please not you.

All that you want and need begins and ends with me. I feed and cloth you. I give you the space to breath and the energy to feel truly alive. I keep you warm, and safe, and at peace.

I make you think and make you smile. How long before you realise that your life is nothing without me.

Every year I wait for the only commitment that really matters, knowing that what I offer you

is so precious, and in many respects irreplaceable, that no money can ever express it’s

true value. I have so much to give but the time is coming ever closer when it won’t be enough. And so I can’t keep giving without letting you know what you are doing to me, by taking more than you need and not giving enough thought to what it is I need.

Wherever you are I am there with you. Always in the background. I am your rock, your open road, your shade and your shelter. I’m at once rugged and remote, lush and fertile, well-built, naturally beautiful, intelligent, generous and forgiving. But I need you, with me, to keep me that way.

So don’t just think of me on the dark days, when the clouds roll in and the sun doesn’t shine,

or when someone else happens to mention my name. Think of me always, and in accepting my gift to you, love me as I love you. Let me know how much I matter, and show me in more than words what this life that we share really means. Let today be the day that I, the Earth, am revealed as the love of your life, your eternal Valentine. It is more than fate that has bought us to this moment and bought us together. Love changes Everything, but it is man lack of love that’s changes the climate, and This World for ever.

Together Forever?

A Love Letter from the Earth

? delivered by the Craftivist Collective

A limited edition artwork  —- / 100 ( ©Craftivist Collective 2011 )

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