Join us at Sheffield DocFest 2010

20 Sep Join us at Sheffield DocFest 2010

Last years session we did at Sheffield Docfest was a great success so they have invited us again and opened up the session to the public as well as delegates.

Date: Saturday 6th November 4:45pm- 6pm. Venue: Channing Hall, Sheffield city centre. Free, all welcome. All resources provided.

 Make Mini Protest Banners on issues you have seen in one of the documentaries at the Festival or in the past! Think of a word, a fact, a quote, a symbol from documentaries that makes you stop, stand back and think about the world differently. Then, get out a needle and thread and cross stitch this inspiration onto a scrap of material. Tie it onto a lamp-post, walk on and let nature take its course. Allow yourself to feel free to expose the scandal of global poverty, and human rights injustices though the power of craft and public art. Be a craftivist through provocative, non-violent creative actions.

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