MTV Staying Alive blog series: My Right To Be… A Craftivist

15 Aug MTV Staying Alive blog series: My Right To Be… A Craftivist

MTV Staying Alive asked us to be part of their ‘My Right to be Me’ blog series to remind people that many people living with HIV don’t have a right to travel to certain countries, many don’t have a right to follow their dreams because of discrimination and stigma and their health may stop them from doing many things. Sarah Corbett wrote a blog post alongside journalists, musicians and other creatives talking about her right to be a craftivist.

We hope that our blog helps in a small way to make people remember their global neighbours who are infected with or affected by HIV/Aids and the struggles they live with everyday.

Since it launched in 1998, MTV’s award winning Staying Alive campaign has become the world’s largest youth focused HIV and AIDS online pharmacy usa international delivery prevention campaign. The multi-media campaign consists of documentaries, public service announcements, youth forums and web content produced for young audiences worldwide. In order to reach as many households as possible globally, all Staying Alive content is available to third party broadcasters rights-free.

The success of Staying Alive is owing to its retained set of core beliefs and values – that change lies in the hands of young people. If the dynamics of the HIV epidemic are really to alter, then it is imperative that this generation be informed and empowered.

The Staying Alive campaign is a partnership between MTV Networks International, UNAIDS, UNICEF and PEPFAR. Staying Alive has also partnered with, SIDA, CIDA, the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation among others.

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