Join us crafting with Oxfam at their Artopia

20 Jul Join us crafting with Oxfam at their Artopia

We got a lovely friendly email from Lucy at the London Oxfam office inviting us to their Artopia event

Date: Tuesday 3rd August 3pm-5pm. Venue: LEB building on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green. All welcome.

Oxfam Artopia will be in three towns across the South East in the summer, in London, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, delivering climate change art workshops and asking community groups, young people and members of the public to contribute to a collaborative piece of art. This piece, made with paint, canvas, modelling clay, sculpture, fabric and found objects, will be a vision of the world we want to see, filled with bustling rainforests, deep oceans and climate justice!

If you want to get involved in an Artopia, either as an interested individual, an artist or the leader of a community group please do get in touch with Lucy AitkenRead on or 0207 802 9973.

Oxfam Artopia in Witney, Oxfordshire
Thursday 22nd July at the Witney Corn Exchange

Oxfam Artopia in Eastleigh, Hampshire
Thursday 29th July at The Point

Oxfam Artopia in Bethnal Green, London
Monday 2nd August- Wednesday 4th August at the LEB building on Cambridge Heath Road

Get in touch, not just so I can create my funny old plasticine dream but so we can create a beautiful vision of a climate chaos free future!

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