A new Scottish craftivist shows why voting is so important

16 Apr A new Scottish craftivist shows why voting is so important

Sarah Corbett: I love being the one who gets to check our Craftivist Collective email account because i get to be the one who reads all the lovely emails of encourage and praise we get and i get to reply to all the cool people who want to work with us, include us in their zines, events, etc.

During the election period one of our craftivists Rosa created cross stitch patterns encouraging people to vote. The London group made some during our April meeting and we encouraged others do to so remotely. One of those lovely people not at the meeting is Sadie from Scotland. Sadie emailed me her beautiful craftivist creation and a little bit of blurb on it to add to our blog here. So please read her thoughts and check out her lovely blog.

Hi 🙂 My name is Sadie and I live in a small village in the south-west of Scotland. I am a novice craftivist. I stitched this at the weekend and now have it hanging in my window for passersby to see. Here’s why I did it.

I am not sure how we are ever going to have an effective, accountable government, this is in touch with the people of the U.K. and their needs, when a large portion of the population cannot even be bothered to vote. It bugs me no end to hear people moan and complain about the government and politicans and then to learn that the person doing the moaning doesnt even vote.

Voting is right, and one that for women was hard won. Thinking of the suffragettes and countless other women who campaigned, marched, protested, lobbied ad even died so that women could vote, it seems a backwards step (and slap in the face) to not use that vote now.

So maybe someone will see my sign or read this post, and they will stop and think or start a conversation or discussion. And maybe someone who wasnt going to vote, WILL go out and vote. and that will be a good thing.

We love your sign Sadie and your passion for justice and we are proud to have you as a craftivist!

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