April project and meet up: Encourage people to Vote!

20 Mar April project and meet up: Encourage people to Vote!

Date: Thursday 16th April 6:30pm-8pm. Venue: Royal Festival Hall cafe, London. All welcome (please bring a donation of £3 to cover costs) Or do this project from home.

The England General Elections are coming up and so we thought that we should have our April Meeting project to link with encouraging people to vote. We are lucky in the UK that we have the right and saftey in place to vote, most of us are not intimidated or bullied into voting a certain way and our votes are not rigged like in my countries in the developing world.

Craftivist Rosa created the patterns. There are 4 more that can be found here

The statistics for the amount of people voting in the UK is disgusting and the percentage of young people not voting is horrific. We want to remind people that if they don’t vote their voice will not be heard and a just world cannot be made. 

The Craftivist Collective believe in equality for all and therefore we would not call ourselves right wing or Conservative. This project is not forcing people to vote against one particular party but we are encouraging people to vote for a party that will support the poorest people in the world and UK and not focus on financial wealth as the priority.

Whilst crafting we will do what we are often told not to do: talk about politics over a cup of tea and table. Join in the conversation

Please become a craftivist and use these patterns to make people of poverty and injustices in the world.

If you do use any of the patters we would really appreciate it if you could email us a photograph and summary of what you did and why for us to put on our blog. please email craftivist-collective@hotmail.com

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