“Love stinks unless you act on it” – craft graffiti

05 Nov “Love stinks unless you act on it” – craft graffiti

So this is a small cross stitch graffiti piece I did on Brick Lane, E1 London. I decided to do it at 1:30am on a Monday morning because no-one would be stupid enough to be up then right? Wrong! There were still some drunken students and some actual authentic drunks and worst of all; there was a guy (who sounded American) who wouldn’t stop watching me do my ‘graffiti’, asking what my tag name is and how I came up with the idea. I don’t have a name. Why should i? I’m not doing it for cool points Mr; unlike him who later couldn’t help but tell me he is a graffiti artist and I should look his name up, “smiff with one f”. I honestly don’t care about that world, I just want to make people think and hopefully see that ‘love stinks if you don’t act on it!’

I love the fact that this type of graffiti is quite kitsch. It looks warm and fuzzy becaue it’s just thick wool but at the same time hopefully the message is provocative enough to make people think and act. It is not permanent, not defacing a building and can be cut off at any time.

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