We are doing too much and thinking too much to not have a blog

05 Oct We are doing too much and thinking too much to not have a blog

We started this group in January 2009 and it’s quickly growing in members and group ideas. We have changed the format a few times of the group (now we have planning meetings monthly and then separate events rather than all in the one session), added a manifesto and we are getting asked to do more and more events. Here’s what we’re doing to get info to you in as many ways as possible.

We have:
– set up our website
– a Flickr page with all of our photos in different sets here
– a basic flipcam so we can show our actions on YouTube
– still kept and update our Facebook group
– nearly set up our YouTube channel to show you what we get up to and give instructions on how to do our projects and become a craftivist too! 🙂

We are hoping to use this blog to talk about our events, thoughts, ideas, passions and actions in a more personal honest way than on the website. And also because we miss the interactivity you get with blogs – we love getting feedback and constructive criticism from people in the form of ‘comments’, we love to see who is ‘following’ us and we also want to support other great groups who have supported us so much over the last year such as The Craft Guerrilla ladies, Ctrl Alt Shift , Spitalfield City Farm , Rayne of Radical Cross Stitch and many more.

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