Thoughtful cross-stitch belt

01 Oct Thoughtful cross-stitch belt

Sarah Corbett writes: I started this cross-stitch ‘belt’ on a train to Glasgow from London. It was a 5 hour train and I loved every moment of making it. I especially enjoyed it because people were asking me what i was making and I asked them what words should I cross stitch ont he belt. It was lovely to talk to people about craftivism and my beautiful belt.

Unfortunately I made quite a lot of mistakes: All of the hearts are different shades of red= oops! the letters arent all on the same lines = another oops! Now that I have worn the belt a lot (lucky it washes well *phew*) I like my mistakes. Luckily other people don’t really notice the mistakes. I’m hoping that maybe it looks less threatening because its wonky, maybe it will be more of a conversation starter because it looks homemade or maybe people will just think its lame and take pity on me and my effort.
What do you think?

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