Mini protest banner making workshop at Spitalfields City Farm

04 Oct Mini protest banner making workshop at Spitalfields City Farm

On Saturday 3rd October the Craftivist Collective had a Mini Protest Banner making workshop at Spitalfields City Farm in London.

We spent 12-2pm chilling out surrounded by plants and animals whilst chatting to like-minded people and creating our own mini protest banners on environmental issues to put up around the farm… what more could you want to do!
The lovely Education Manager Naomi Glass asked us if we would do the workshop as part of their 3Rs Arts and Crafts sessions they do fortnightly . We decided together that making Mini Protest Banners on the theme of the environment would fit perfectly and the farm staff were happy for us to put up the completed banners anywhere in the farm the animals couldn’t reach to eat.

It was a lovely day. About 15 people turned up of all ages (including the cutest little 8 year old girl you’ll ever meet!) and backgrounds. We had farm volunteers, experienced activists, talented craftsters, people who just wanted to chill out in a farm and people who were dragged along by craftivist friends. it was a great mix of people having really interesting conversations about the environment, how we affect it and vice versa.

We sat in the farm’s ‘shelter’ which looks like it was drawn for a fairy tale picture book. It was a stunning wooden structure with a strange shaped roof. It was a windy cold day but people wanted and did stay longer than 2pm. All 30 kits were taken; about 12 were made on the day and the others were taken for friends or to make more.

Everyone agreed the farm was beautiful but hardly any people knew about it. So as well as spreading the crafivism word we need to spread the news about this little oasis in the city. To see some photos of the event check out the Flickr set here.

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