Our Peace/Conflict project at In The Woods festival, Kent

10 Sep Our Peace/Conflict project at In The Woods festival, Kent

Into the Woods Festival asked us to be part of their weekend festival in September 2009 in Kent. The band the Laurel Collective set up the festival in a quarry in Kent. They really liked what the we were doing as a group so we had a meeting with them and agreed to have our theme on peace/conflict because both the band and the Craftivist Collective have a passion for peace .

We asked the public to make origami doves made out of recycled decomposable paper with seeds sewn in and asked them to write something about conflict on them. one eg is “Talking to people reminds you of what being human is all about; that is why conflict should not be allowed to continue without dialogue.” They were all hung in an area in the woods near the quarry and looked stunning (even if we do say ourselves!)

We also we sold 250 ethical cupcakes to raise money for Womens Trust, a charity that works on domestic violence in the UK. each cake had a flag in saying a fact on violence against women all over the world. We asked people to keep the flags and reflect on them in their spare time. We also asked them to sign a petition on womens rights as part of their payment for our tasty cakes.

Check out more photos of the event here.

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