United Underground: our biggest event so far!

19 Jul United Underground: our biggest event so far!

On Saturday 18th July 2009 we were asked by the group United Underground to have a ‘Craftivism Corner’ at their event taking place across the spaces of Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall – including the re-opening of the roof as a venue space.

This was a huge deal for us. We were given a small budget by the organisation for resources, they paid for all the advertising and it was mentioned in the London Paper under the events section.

It was hosted by Ctrl.Alt.Shift, British Underground, Southbank Centre and actor and musician Riz Ahmed/Riz MC. United Underground is a unique mix of cutting-edge street culture, music, artwork, fanzines and film set against a backdrop of new-school activism.

In our Craftivism Corner we had 3 projects for the public to do:

* We got the public to make speech bubble badges with sayings in that would start conversations on poverty and injustice (“I’m angry, are you?”, “Do you care?”, “I’m broke not poor”, “Corruption makes the world go round”, “WTF is going on?!”)
* Making 1000 cranes to represent piece. all made out of political articles, comic strips, quotes or with the publics own thoughts on
* We made mini protest banner kits for people to make and take home with them to hang in a public place

It went really well *phew*. We were worried that this audience of mostly young people into grime music wouldn’t really want to sew, do origami or make badges on themes of human rights and poverty. It’s fair to say that the majority came to the event to hear their favourite grime artist play. But we got really positive feedback. We ran out of badge backs after people made 100. Over 70 cranes were made with moving thoughts written on their wings, people snuggled into our couches and beanbags making their mini protest banners and people had really thoughtful conversations. Plus we got about 30 people signed up to our group.

It’s amazing how far we have come as a group. Now we have even bigger ideas, our confidence has grown and we truly feel that we are making a positive difference which always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside right.

Check out all the photos here.

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