Mini protest banner at Bank station, London, July 2009

08 Mar Mini protest banner at Bank station, London, July 2009

Mini Protest Banner at Bank tube station, London July 2009. Sarah Corbett writes:
I tend to steal quotes for my mini banners from postcards I bought from a radical independant bookshop in Liverpool called News From Nowhere (= check it out!). They include quotes from Ghandi, Dali Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Swedish proverbs etc. However this mini banner is a quote my mum came up with 🙂

I told her I wanted to have a mini banner that I could put up in a financial district in London to talk about how this ‘depression’ should be seen as a great opportunity for banks to think of new ways to make money in an ethical and grassroots way and how their way of trampling on people to make a profit doesnt work!

My amazing mother came up with: “THERE IS A GAP IN THE CLOUDS OF UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM, NOW’S THE TIME TO ACT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.” I put it up on a bar near Bank tube station, London. It stayed up for 2 days before someone took it, leaving only the cable ties there (and this photo) to remind me of its existence.

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