Mini protest banner at Bank station, London, July 2009

08 Mar Mini protest banner at Bank station, London, July 2009

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Mini Protest Banner at Bank tube station, London July 2009. Sarah Corbett writes:
I tend to steal quotes for my mini banners from postcards I bought from a radical independant bookshop in Liverpool called News From Nowhere (= check it out!). They include quotes from Ghandi, Dali Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Swedish proverbs etc. However this mini banner is a quote my mum came up with 🙂

I told her I wanted to have a mini banner that I could put up in a financial district in London to talk about how this ‘depression’ should be seen as a great opportunity for banks to think of new ways to make money in an ethical and grassroots way and how their way of trampling on people to make a profit doesnt work!

My amazing mother came up with: “THERE IS A GAP IN THE CLOUDS OF UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM, NOW’S THE TIME TO ACT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.” I put it up on a bar near Bank tube station, London. It stayed up for 2 days before someone took it, leaving only the cable ties there (and this photo) to remind me of its existence.

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