Become my patron to help our Gentle Protest work

24 Jan Become my patron to help our Gentle Protest work

Love what we’re doing? Be a part of it…

Hello craftivists!

Thank you for wanting to support me (Sarah Corbett) and the Craftivist Collective. Join a global group of lovely people who are patrons for £10 a month or with an annual donation of £120.  

 Leonard Cohen said, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Our gentle protest approach to craftivism is part of that light, and it is getting in.

“Supporting Sarah to be the courageous presence she is in the world, gives me deep sense of connection, rightness and delight. The fact that our economic system fails to support the pioneers committed to shaping more beautiful world, only emphasises how broken it is. If we want new kinds of leaders we need new kinds of support – and Sarah’s pioneering adoption programme is exactly that. No one can do the kind of work Sarah does over any length of time without basic financial security. Sponsoring Sarah is one small and vital way I help ensure a living wage for the living hearts who are committed to a living planet.”  – Craftivist Adopter Sophie Howarth  


There’s still so much more to be done. In these times of increasing uncertainty, more and more people are turning to the Craftivist Collective and myself for help. My passion is to keep supporting, inspiring and empowering people to protest gently and more strategically to help make our world even more awesome than it is! If only passion and positive impact paid the bills…

The reality is that I also need to make the books balance at the end of every month. There’s no big organisation paying a monthly wage here. I focus on creating high quality products, services and support which costs more in ethical resources and time but is worth the investment. The Craftivist Collective ethical kits are made by me at my humble rented studio apartment (that I love). I pack and deliver every order to my local Post Office with love and excitement dreaming of what that craftivist will be able to do with our kits and tools. I give lots of talks and workshops, consultancy and collaborations as well as daily strategic advice to new and experienced craftivists online to help them be as effective and loving as possible in their actions. And as you can see on social media – it’s all having wonderful positive ripple effects and people are really open to my questions, comments and constructive feedback. The worrying thing is – there isn’t enough time in each day to keep doing this and take on a full or part time job to pay my small living expenses to keep me living without chronic financial stress.


I’m keen to stay independent and stick to my principles when it comes to my work like keeping this website ad-free and turning down offers of paid work that don’t fit with the principles of the collective. But that means I need your help. If you’ve been inspired by the work we do in any way, I’d be so grateful if you’d consider supporting it to continue and grow. By becoming my patron for £10 a month you will help ensure that the Craftivist Collective survives (this can be paid monthly or one lump sum) and thrives.

This isn’t a new concept for activists – campaigners throughout history, from Martin Luther King and Gandhi to Peter Tatchell and Jack Monroe, have relied on the kindness of strangers and friends to be patrons. Now I’m appealing to that same kindness to help keep the Craftivist Collective flourishing in our fragile world.

In November 2016 My TEDx talk was Talk Of The Day and has already received over half a million views, incredibly positive feedback and led to even more people and groups keen for support from me.

Looking back over the last few years, I’m blown away by how far the Craftivist Collective has come. Together we have achieved so much…

  • We’ve helped 50,000 staff in one organisation go from minimum wage to the Living Wage. Watch the TEDx talk on how here
  • We’ve influenced campaigners and charities around the globe to incorporate slower, kinder and more beautiful elements of activism into their toolkits. See how WWF succeeded in one campaign using our work here
  • We’ve seen many universities across the world include our work in their curriculums and more students writing about our work as part of their degree, Masters and even PhD papers.
  • We’ve helped galleries and museums bring activism to their audiences in a gentle and creative way.
  • We’ve gone from receiving hostility and ridicule for our approach to activism to gaining worldwide credibility, praise and even an award from the charity sector for our way of campaigning!
  • We’ve gathered over 40,000 followers on social media keen to learn more, be inspired and empowered to be better global citizens in our world.

Find out more in our new book How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest 

(chapter 18 in particular)


“We all know that the work Sarah does is powerful, inspiring and deeply timely. But for me, just as inspiring is the brave way she has chosen to support her work, with her Adopt a Craftivist approach. I know from my experience that it takes more than a year to really find your feet as a changemaker, and every day I am deeply impressed by Sarah’s work and what she is achieving.  Supporting an inspiring changemaker is one of the most impactful things you can do.  Please keep supporting Sarah, she’s amazing!

– Rob Hopkins, Founder of Transition Towns 

Impact that with your help we can continue to build on:

Working with Sarah made a massive difference to our Making For Change Craftivism programme this year. Her talk was a succinct, visual and well delivered insight into her approach to gentle activism which gave the young participants an excellent understanding of the impact craftivism can have.  Through the one to one surgeries Sarah gently tested, stretched and challenged the young people’s ideas helping them to create campaigns that were more relevant  and refined.  

– Deirdre Buckley, CraftSpace (Birmingham)

“Congratulations on publication of your book. We received our copy and are inspired by your thoughtful writing. I imagine using it as a reference again and again to spark new ideas”.

– F. Archer, Writer / Strategist at Massive Change Network (Canada, worldwide working)

“Sarah spent the day with 110 of our Year 9 girls …At the end of the day, I saw many of the girls continuing quietly with their crafting – a testament to the atmosphere and energy created by Sarah during the day.”

– Teacher Ms Fuller, Surbiton High

“Excited to have read your new book Sarah – – and reread it too. I’ll be sharing the concept of craftivism along with a friend who runs our local Amnesty Int’l group, to a women’s group  next week – – sharing the idea of kind gentle activism. Thanks!!”

– M. Kindrachuk 

I love what you are doing with craftivism, the activism burnout is real for me at the moment so your workshop came at the perfect time.

– L. Harrison via Facebook Page 

“I read the first chapter of your book aloud last week [to our community group] and we agreed to read to read the book and begin to think about what is most important to us and what we should do. Much discussion with homeless people, asylum seekers and those in the mental health and welfare systems….” 

– A. James 

“Loving your latest book #HowToBeACraftivist, the craftivist’s manifesto and great to feel part of a group.’

@annemurraymakes (Instagram) 

“Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed your talk at Greenbelt this year. You were so inspiring and the idea of thoughtful, intelligent, informed and creative activism was captivating. We have since signed up as adopters and are also thinking how we can use your approach and methods for the campaigns we support”

– K. Valdes

You can donate as a direct debit each month via Paypal here:

You can donate any amount you wish per month here:


Or you can pay directly from your bank to:

Sarah P Corbett

The Cooperative Bank.

Account Number: 07400959

Sode Code: 08 93 00

“Congratulations, Sarah, This is such amazing work… I am more than happy to keep adopting you through 2018… This is one of the best uses of £10 a month I can imagine.”

– Patron M. Kirk

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement – I am genuinely grateful for every single person who contributes to this cause that I really believe has the power to make a significant difference. Your patronage will unleash a full-time, fully-focused, all-action crafty Gentle Protester out into the world, armed with a pair of scissors to shape the future, thread to weave our values through all of our activism, and the knowledge that she can actually focus on this hopefully for a long time to come. The future of the Craftivist Collective (and me!) is in your head, heart and hands. Just think what we could achieve together in the near future…

All my love, respect and gratitude as always

Sarah xxx

PS Monthly giving helps me budget, but I understand that for some people that isn’t possible. If you prefer to give a one off donation, that would be most welcome too. I’m ideally looking for £120 (to cover the £10 a month I am trying to reach to be on the Living Wage) but of course I understand if you cannot reach that goal. Every little helps x

Or email me if you have any questions.


You will be adopting me, Sarah Corbett.

You will be adopting me, Sarah Corbett.


Isn’t there another way of getting funding?
Being pretty niche in what we do and focusing on transformation rather than transactions means we do not tick many funding boxes. I could apply for funding that fits the funders objectives but that would dilute or compromise our work. It’s much more sustainable to have individuals cover our core costs.

Why not get a part time job?
In this line of work I would have to say no to most opportunities that are on offer to deliver creative activism events, projects or teaching since they are all sporadic and could be any day, evening or weekend. It would be incredibly difficult to find a part time job with such flexible hours and have the energy to do both.

Is this a thing, you know paying for an activist? Throughout history and still now, individual campaigners and campaign organisations often rely on supporter donations to give them the time and flexibility to focus on creating what they judge to be the impactful work- Pankhurst, Biko, Gandhi were just at one end of a long line of passionate, generous, canny people who saw a cause they felt needed to be fought for and they backed it. Now I’m not promising I will be able to deliver change quite on that scale, but I will promise you that I will fight for change through those most radical of things – creativity, beauty, organisation, love, and truckload of hard graft.

Can I GiftAid my payments?
The Craftivist Collective cannot be a charity because we are politically active as an activism organisation. Therefore we cannot offer GiftAid sadly.

Why not use
It’s an American website that takes a percentage of the donation and after looking through the pros and cons this seemed like a better use of time and resources.

Can my company sponsor you?
Yes and I can send you an invoice if that helps. However as a sponsor you will not have control over content or have your name visible unless all supporters are listed as well.

Become a patron  and receive our exclusive yearbook and each subsequent year only available to patrons 🙂 x

  • Rin Hamburgh
    Posted at 19:40h, 25 November Reply

    I’m in! Can’t have Craftivist Collective disappearing – you’re doing far too much important work! Proud to be able to help secure your future.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 00:04h, 29 November Reply

      Thanks Rin 🙂 Let’s hope others agree. This is the most scary thing I’ve asked and I feel so vulnerable doing it but at least I’m being honest and I hope people respect that. We’ve already had over 20 people in 3 days pledge £10 to £20 a month which is so heartwarming and making me hopeful!:) x

  • Lorna Prescott
    Posted at 21:30h, 08 December Reply

    Hi Sarah
    I’m in too!
    Well done for being so brave. You are bringing to mind both Amanda Palmer and Brene Brown 🙂
    Ive been changing my approach to financial giving, in 2016 directly supporting artivists I know, instead of giving to charities. I was hoping it would make me pay more attention and support in other ways too, like loads of love on social media, but I haven’t got on top of that. I’m going to try again in 2017. So please nudge me to shout from the rooftops about what you get up to. And let me help you find some of the remaining supporters you need to pass your target. Loads of love and huge respect for doing this 🙂 x

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 00:05h, 09 December Reply

      Oh Lorna thank’s so so much for your financial support and spreading the word. I’m not good at blowing my own trumpet so maybe keep up to date with what we are doing on social media, this blog and newsletter and you decide what is worth sharing and celebrating 🙂 Thanks so much for adopting me! ;p x

  • Gregory Martin
    Posted at 22:47h, 12 December Reply

    Count me in! Love the Craftivist Collective. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 00:11h, 15 December Reply

      Thanks so much Gregory!:) with your help and others I will try my hardest to do awesome work. Gooooo team!:)

  • Kate
    Posted at 10:03h, 14 December Reply

    I have only recently become aware of your initiative. I too used to work for Oxfam so a bit of a link there! have signed up for the year’s support. Hope you get the money you need to continue your great work.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 00:11h, 15 December Reply

      Oh Kate thanks so so so much for adopting me!:)

  • joy clarke
    Posted at 12:42h, 23 December Reply

    Happy Christmas! Thanks to Time Out, I’ve just adopted you so hope my support goes someway to help you continue your work.

  • joy clarke
    Posted at 12:46h, 23 December Reply

    Happy Christmas! Thanks to Time Out, I’ve adopted you so hope my support goes someway to help you continue your work.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 12:08h, 04 January Reply

      Thanks so so much for adopting me Joy!:) It makes an enormous difference to the way I can work

  • Tina Helfrich
    Posted at 08:57h, 08 October Reply

    Have loved being a sponsor in 2017 and hope you will let us know what increase you need for 2018. Congrats on the book launch and please keep up your good work and inspiration.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 09:52h, 08 October Reply

      Tina your emotional and financial support means so much and yes it would be a huge help if you could continue to adopt me each month for £10 or more if you can.

  • Dave Lukes
    Posted at 12:23h, 25 November Reply

    I’m adopting you because … fonts!

    Also, you’re amazing and wonderful & I’m looking forward to seeing you magic up more gentle miracles:)


    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 17:30h, 27 November Reply

      Mate – thanks loads you lovely man.

  • Kate Shurety
    Posted at 22:52h, 09 February Reply

    Hi Sarah

    Taking part in your British museum workshop was one of the highlights of my year. I hope my part adoption helps you continue your inspiring and important work- and that our paths cross again sometime. Kate x

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 23:10h, 10 February Reply

      Thanks so much for your kind words Kate 🙂 I’m so glad you found our workshop useful and enjoyable. Your adoption is a huge help xxx

  • Annette James
    Posted at 11:56h, 18 February Reply

    I’m in. Thank you for enabling me to be part of this movement. You are doing great work; Sarah you are an inspiration. I commit to a sum direct to your account. Will in box you. Well done amazing woman x

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 15:25h, 20 February Reply

      Thanks so so much Annette & I hope you enjoy the Craftivist Yearbook made exclusively for adopters posted to you in special ribbon and handwritten tag 🙂 Your support is invaluable. This core unrestricted funding means I can focus on doing the most impactful craftivism gentle protest work possible not what pays the most to cover my rent and food. It’s so vital for us to have the most impact we can 🙂 x

  • Fran Croft
    Posted at 06:57h, 19 April Reply

    Thank you for the year book Sarah and sorry it’s taken so long to reply but Mike and I really enjoyed reading the year book. We have made a one off donation directly to your account to support your work going forward and set up a direct debit too. keep up the excellent work., All our love Mike and Fran Croft xx

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 19:54h, 29 April Reply

      Thank you so so much Fran and Mike for your financial and emotional support. It means a huge amount and I’m so glad you enjoyed the yearbook – You’ll receive one at beginning of next year now too!:) All my love and appreciation, Sarah xxx

  • Kerensa Gardner
    Posted at 12:25h, 06 August Reply

    Hello – I read about your work in last week’s Guardian and I am so impressed by what you do. I found your M&S story inspirational. Thank you for your work.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 15:02h, 08 August Reply

      Thanks so much for your kind words Kerensa 🙂 They mean so much. Your support is so so valuable. It’s really hard to be able to keep the collective going without adopters like yourself – your support means I can focus on having the most positive impact not how I can afford my rent. Your support means I can continue to support the growing community, provide more free resources and subside the work I do to support charities in their gentle protests. There is so much demand that I wish there were a group of 10 staff but hopefully in the future…:) x

  • Jan Coles
    Posted at 18:28h, 07 September Reply

    Thank you Sarah. you are so inspirational! I am starting a group in North Bristol on 25th September. I think I should have a collection for you from the people that come along to the session. It will be at Alchemy on Gloucester Rd. Just thinking what to put on the Facebook events page. I’m loving your book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jan x

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 15:30h, 10 September Reply

      Thanks so much Jan for your kind words and support Jan 🙂 It means so much x

  • Annabel Youngson
    Posted at 10:48h, 23 September Reply

    Hi Sarah

    It was great to meet up with you again in Manchester yesterday, to hear your inspirational message and to take part in the workshop. I have just adopted you and will spread the word.

    Best wishes

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 15:10h, 24 September Reply

      Bel your help is invaluable thank you so so much 🙂 I’ll pop our exclusive yearbook 1 in the post to you this week (just emailed you to confirm your postal address) and then you will receive our 2019 Yearbook on Blue Monday (3rd Monday of January) to thank you for your support and show you what your patronage has helped us achieve 🙂 x

  • Darius
    Posted at 19:08h, 17 October Reply

    Hello all,

    Although not in a financial position to support anyone, I am however able to offer our unique venues.
    Located in Canada, we have a gathering-place, a sunroom, dining area of our organic kitchen and our yoga/meditation studio all at our off-grid property on 50 acres of forest + the surrounding forest.
    Email me if you or anyone you know is going to be in our area or if you live nearby and are looking for a holistic venue free of charge.
    A.N.D Ecovillage

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 19:44h, 18 October Reply

      Thanks for your kind offer Darius. Good to know. I run the Craftivist Collective alone from London so do not have capacity to organise events in your space at the moment but it’s useful to know your offer is there 🙂 x

  • Lina
    Posted at 02:32h, 25 November Reply

    Thank you for all that you do. If you ever find yourself in Melbourne (Australia). I’d love to help you find your way around / connect with good people doing good work.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 13:18h, 25 November Reply

      Thanks so much for your support Lina 🙂 I’ve just popped a thank you card in the post to you today 😉 Our projects can be done anywhere in the world alone or with others and our tools can be delivered to the ends of the earth so please do share our work with your contacts and encourage them to have a go and join the collective x

  • Carole Atkins
    Posted at 23:03h, 27 February Reply

    Have just subscribed, looking forward to the book and supporting you.

  • Helen Young
    Posted at 19:53h, 16 January Reply

    Hi, I’ve just signed up to be a patron. I love the work that you are doing. I often find myself getting overwhelmed and anxious about climate change and the state of this world. But I love doing crafts and it brings me such joy and peace. This is wonderful space where I can learn to hold both together. I think you are doing a wonderful job and am happy to support you in this. X

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 22:20h, 16 January Reply

      Thank you so much Helen for your kind words and patronage. Your support is a huge help and I’m honoured to call you my patron 🙂 Sarah xxx

  • Laura-Jane Smith
    Posted at 19:42h, 31 July Reply

    I’ve just become a patron as I love your work and want there to be more craftivism in the world. I’ve always found art a powerful force for change, and craft has always been a personal place of solace so combining the two feels like alchemy! There’s so much that needs to change in the world, and it needs all our skills and talents. Thank you for your inspiration and impact. LJ x

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 22:59h, 31 July Reply

      Thank you so much Laura-Jane 🙂 Your support is invaluable xxxx

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