We are making a… new book!:)

05 Apr We are making a… new book!:)

Join the crowd (of 251 supporters so far), pre-order our book and help us create a new beautiful and useful book to help people become effective craftivists (please). We have reached over 70% of our target within 32 days so far. With your help we will give to a book called *drumroll pleeeease*…

How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

This short video explains why we think this book might be a useful and positive object in our world:


I don’t want to create another book of craftivism projects but a book to get to the heart of what craftivism is about – the purpose, process and pitfalls. It will be a hardback book around 60,000 words or more and small enough to fit into any bag to read on holiday or your commute to work. There will be lovely photos in the middle as well little illustrations all wrapped in a beautifully designed cover you will just want to stroke, display and share (we hope!).


This book will cover:

1. How to use the process of making to engage thoughtfully in the issues you care about.

2. How to see every detail of your creation as important: from the colour you use to the fonts, the size, the messaging….

3. How Craftivism can engage people on and offline around the world.

4. How Craftivism can create conversations and action in places where social justice isn’t often discussed.

5. How I’ve learnt from the challenges I’ve faced.

6. How, with some examples from case studies, you can transfer skills into other parts of your life.

Gentleness, conversation and collaboration can make our world a better canadian online pharmacy without prescription place, and the road there less angry, aggressive and divisive. Helping make this book happen and becoming a Craftivist taking the first steps down this path, one stitch at a time….




3 Reasons to contribute
1. For a pledge of £10 or more you will get your name printed in every book as a supporter and an ebook (larger pledges get bigger gift packages including a copy of the hardback book). You’ll be in the company of authors Jon Ronson and Margaret Heffernan, philosophers like Roman Krznaric, Fashion designer for Lady Gaga Alex Noble, activists, craftivist and other wonderful people all loved equally.
2. The more people who pledge, the more our distributors Penguin Random House (the biggest in the world #justsaying #humblebrag) will want to promote the book to their stockists
3. With Unbound, we can make a book we want that is beautifully made and carefully edited without cutting corners. No other publishers work as ethically as they do so I’ve said no to an advance to work with Unbound.
Thanks for all of your support and encouragement so far. This is a pretty scary challenge but I’m going to work my hardest to make the best, most useful and beautiful book I can!:) I would be so honoured to have your name listed with supporters who helped make this book a reality. Wanna help give birth to something positive to go into peoples homes and hopefully hearts? Ooooo go on;p
All my gratitude
Sarah xxx
P.S. Here is the link again, for your convenience ;p : www.unbound.co.uk/books/craftivist

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