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19 Apr Mini Fashion Statements

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Make a fashion statement that inspires others to look for beauty that extends beyond the garment. Our only project that doesn’t include stitching was first delivered during Stockholm Fashion Week and can be done by individuals and groups around the world any time of year. This project is in support of Fashion Revolution. There will be a DIY craftivism kit being launched April 2017!



Our pocket-sized scrolls are powerful and poignant little reminders of the role we can play as consumers. They’re designed to make us think about how the clothes we buy and wear are made, and how we might be able to help tackle problems like, poor conditions for workers or the use of materials that are damaging to the environment. Pick from the three messages we’ve created, let the words really sink in. Take them to your heart and mind and use them to inspire others to speak out on behalf of fashion industry injustices. We’ve worked with expert wordsmiths to get the balance of each just right. Provocative not preachy, intriguing, friendly and empowered, they’ve each been crafted to inspire and motivate.



You can drop your scrolls in friend’s pockets or in new clothes hanging on shop rails (shhhh)


We encourage you and fashionistas every year to lovingly handwrite messages onto beautiful paper and wrap them delicately in ribbon to place in clothes pockets in shops, fashion show seats and other secret places for people to find. Will you find on in your pocket?


Shop-droppers not Shop-lifters Your covert mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pop a little inspiration – your scroll – into the pockets of clothes you feel represent the issue you’re addressing. This under-cover ‘shop-dropping’ mission will mean your message is delivered with the added spice of surprise once found. Give some thought to where you will hide it. A friend or colleague’s pocket perhaps? Or inside a garment hanging up in a shop you think should improve their practices.




Don’t forget that this is a form of ‘slow activism’ so take your time and write your message neatly and clearly. The prettier it is, the more loved it will be


The idea behind the intriguing pretty mini scrolls is to encourage the makers and receivers of these scrolls to think about and find out who made our clothes, help raise curiosity of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible and celebrate all those creating a more sustainable future of the fashion industry. We want every part of the fashion industry to be beautiful, not just the clothes.   We love the beauty and creativity that comes from fashion. We love the fact that we can express ourselves through clothes and feel confident in what wear. But we don’t want to be indifferent about the ugly side of the fashion industry. It’s wrong to think that we don’t have any power to improve the ugly side of fashion. Please join us in celebrating our love of fashion and strive for a more sustainable fashion industry. fighting for an industry. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Fashion Shows in the near future show only exploitation-free clothes? Let’s work together to make that reality one stitch at a time…  


There is something special about using and seeing a fountain pen being used. Why not make your scroll even more special by writing with a fountain pen?

There is something special about using and seeing a fountain pen being used. Why not make your scroll even more special by writing with a fountain pen?


This craftivism project (activism through craft) is also to support Fashion Revolution – a global movement who believe in a fashion industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure and has a mission to bring everyone together to help make this happen. “Fashion Week gathers the entire industry , designers , buyers , stylists and pr agencies during a few hectic days. The media attention is massive and it the perfect opportunity to promote a more sustainable and better world. Sarah Corbett has previously protested during London Fashion Week with embroidered message in small cross-stitch that affected the dialogue in the British fashion industry. It is my hope that Stockholm’s fashion elite also takes part of Sarah Corbett Gentle Protest,” says Lotta Ahlvar president of the Association of Textile Arts and Craft and former CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council.  



You could ask a friend for help with this step: Teamwork makes the dream work



Throughout the process of writing your scroll, from deciding what to write to where to leave it, you should embrace the most important element of craftivism, peace and quiet. Use it for some deep, contemplative thought on the words you’re about to write/have just written and what they mean. Questions to keep you on track: These are really useful in helping you consider how else you could speak out against fashion industry injustices.


      1. As a consumer I vote with my wallet. How can I use my consumer power to be part of the change I wish to see in the world?
      2. How can I encourage myself to only buy what I need and not be tempted by all of the pretty clothes I might want?
      3. How can I encourage others to join the fashion revolution and make all of the fashion industry as beautiful as the final clothing creations? Where and to who should I make my voice heard? Shop owners? Brands? friends? Businesses? Governments even?



Shop dropping in high street stores in Stockholm:   


The paper in our kits are beautifully textured and have our scissors and thread symbol embossed from our stamp. It's these extra details that can add more impact to your craftivism

The paper in our kits are beautifully textured and have our scissors and thread symbol embossed from our stamp. It’s these extra details that can add more impact to your craftivism



Mini Fashion Statement craftivism kit: will be available June 2016

What’s Inside our super ethical kits:
  • Your very own roll of special, high quality scrolls; each with an embossed Craftivist Collective logo.
  • Three different colours of ribbon to help make your messages stand out. Enough for 10 scrolls.
  • ‘Crafterthought’ questions to reflect on
  • 2 free little gifts for you x
  • Tips and message templates


  • Slowfashionuy
    Posted at 17:25h, 14 March Reply

    Adorable idea and a cool way to start a sweet relationship with the garment you are about to buy. Congrats!!

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 21:19h, 15 March Reply

      Thanks so much :) Hope you join in! x

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