Past Project for inspiration– A Railway Adventure

14 Apr Past Project for inspiration– A Railway Adventure

In 2011 we collaborated with Climate Rush and Campaign For Better Transport  for fair transport fares. We set up stitch-ins at train stations across the UK to hand-sew provocative petition bunting to present to the Transport Minister in the UK and then use at campaign events across the UK in the future to support the ongoing campaign.

Thanks to Lush for giving us one of their spaces to offer free craftivism workshops in here:


Here is a summary of the project:

Here is our bunting with craftivists standing outside the entrance of a national government transport meeting waiting to meet the Transport Minister. He was very moved by the time everyone had taken to make their bespoke carriage to represent their petition. He looked at many of the pieces, read their messages and asked how long it took us. He expected to be given the bunting but we said we will be using it as part of this ongoing campaign across the UK at different events and train station (which made him look worried)

Find more information about this project and our stitch-ins across train stations in the UK here: 


GOOD NEWS: The National Railway Museum (in York) has acquired our gentle craftivism bunting into the collection at the NRM to be alongside the archive of Campaign for Better Transport and items from Bring Back British Rail. Our craftivism bunting will be well looked after and can be hired out for different events and exhibitions to keep our protest alive.

If you have found this project helpful please do $upport us to exist so we can continue to support you & other craftivists. We are a small struggling social enterprise with no external funding x

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