Craftivist Collective is involved in many projects, both timeless and finite, independent and collaborative. Read on to find out what you can get involved in today, the DIY kits we have available in our Etsy shop, and where to get further instructions.

  1. Craftivist Footprint project

    Footprints kit

    This project is about encouraging people to think about the imprint they are leaving on the world. Stitch a thought, quote or lyric onto a printed fabric footprint and either keep it for yourself or give it away as a gift.

    The footprint kit includes: canvas fabric with footprint or shoe print stencilled on it, needle and thread, instructions, and suggested content.

    For video instructions, visit our YouTube channel.

    More info on this Craftivist Footprint project

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  2. Projects-mini-protest-banners-NEW-IMAGE

    Mini Protest Banner

    The concept is to make a cross-stitched banner about an issue you care about and hang it in a relevant public space to provoke thought and discussion.

    By making it small and hanging it off eye level, people have a sense that they have chosen to engage with the message, rather than it being forced upon them.The mini protest banner kit will provide everything you need: two cable ties, fabric with eyelets in the top, cross stitch aida, needle and thread, instructions, ideas for content, a little Craftivist Collective label and more information on Craftivist Collective. For video instructions, visit our YouTube page.

    More info on the Mini Protest banner project

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  3. Projects-dont-blow-it-hanky-IMAGE

    Don’t Blow It Hanky

    With this projects, you can embroider a personal and timeless message on a handkerchief, which you can then give to an influential person such a a politician, journalist or religious leader, to encourage them to use their power and influence to make a positive difference.

    The hanky kit includes: a handkerchief, needle and thread, instructions, suggested content, a little Craftivist Collective label, a postcard and a Craftivist Collective flyer. For video instructions, visit our YouTube page.

    More info on Don’t Blow It hanky project 

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  4. About Us- what is craftivism anyway IMAGE

    Project to do: Bunting

    Create your own bunting message to leave around areas you think could be prettier, and where people walk past. Stitch your bunting with a message that will make them think.

  5. Projects - badges IMAGE

    Project to do: Badges

    Have you ever been asked ‘Do you care?’ These badges are quick and easy to make, and a great way to provoke conversations about poverty, inequality and social injustice

  6. Projects - barbie IMAGE

    Project to do: Barbie

    Buy a second hand Barbie or other doll, then colour bruises and wounds onto her. Make her a placard with a fact, quote or statistic about gender inequality, then tie her up with gaffer tape and display her in a public place.

  7. All you need to make your Tatty Devine designed keyring

    Project to do: Valentines Project

    On Valentine’s Day we usually show our love by giving gifts to our beaus. But what about everyone else? This year, why not show love to your global neighbour – and encourage others to do the same – with our Valentines Day craftivism project?

  8. Projects-tomato-jam-NEW-IMAGE

    Project to do: Tomato Jam

    Tomato Jam: Inspired by a recipe our founder, Sarah Corbett, received from a lady in Kenya, this project involves making tomato jam, stitching a fabric lid cover with a message in support of Oxfam’s Grow campaign, and using it as a way to speak to people about the world’s unfair food system.

  9. Past-projects-Train-bunting-1

    Past Project – Train bunting

    We collaborated with Climate Rush to fight for fair transport fares using stitch-ins at train stations to create provocative petition bunting.

    We collaborated with Climate Rush to fight for fair transport fares using stitch-ins at train stations to create provocative petition bunting.

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  • @NorthWestNosh: #craftivism encourages craftsters to engage with activism in our own quiet way. Sometimes the quieter the revolution, the louder it is heard.

  • @PrickYourfinga: At tonight’s #craftivist stitch-in we talked about what it must be like to be a politician, and how to activate change in our busy lives.

  • @Rin Simpson: My small act of craftivism will, hopefully, go some small way towards changing the world. But more importantly, it has changed me.

  • @storyofmum: I love the project – it’s really inspiring&creative & has really got me excited about activism again in a way I haven’t been since my teens!

  • @tomofholland: @Craftivists shows, inspires and facilitates craftsters to unite their individual creative powers to raise awareness of social issues.