The Craftivist Collective is a very inclusive group – you don’t need to become an official member, you can just get stuck in! Here are a few ways to get involved…

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    Work on a project

    Lend us your stitching skills and join in with one of our official projects. Some are timeless e.g. the mini protest banners, some are annual e.g. our Valentines letters with Tatty Devine, and still others are finite e.g. ‘The Jigsaw Project’. You can do any of our projects on your own or in a group, at home or out in public to create conversation, using one of our kits plus the instruction videos and advice on this site.

    Our new book, A Little Book Of Craftivism, has lots of tips too. We encourage craftivists to share their completed craftivism pieces with as many people as possible, and we would love you to write about yours for our website – use this template to help you write your post, then simply email it to us.

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    From time to time, we run events such as stitch-ins, workshops or talks, at locations all over the world. You can see if there’s anything going on near you on our contact us page. or you could set up something of your own. Find out how to run a stitch-in here, and remember that you can find lots of helpful tips in A Little Book of Craftivism. If you’d like us to help promote your event, just contact us.

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    Spread the word

    We’re not ones to blow our own trumpets, but the more people who know about Craftivist Collective, the more we can inspire, support and encourage people to use their talents and passions to leave a positive mark on the world.
    You can help by telling people about us, whether by word of mouth or through social media.

    Perhaps you could help get our products stocked in your local stores, or recommend our professional services to an organisation you know? Keep up to date with what we’re doing on our blog – and if you’d like to write a post for us, do get in touch.

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    $upport us financially

    Money may not make the world go round, but it definitely helps Craftivist Collective run that bit more smoothly. Buying products from our Etsy Shop is a great way to help, as all profits go back into our work.

    We’ve got project kits, greeting cards, badges and, of course, our book.

    You can also donate directly via Paypal. We provide a number of professional crafty services too, so if you’re a company in need of a craftivist, find out more about how you can hire us here.

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Value what we're doing? we'd love your

  • @NorthWestNosh: #craftivism encourages craftsters to engage with activism in our own quiet way. Sometimes the quieter the revolution, the louder it is heard.

  • @PrickYourfinga: At tonight’s #craftivist stitch-in we talked about what it must be like to be a politician, and how to activate change in our busy lives.

  • @Rin Simpson: My small act of craftivism will, hopefully, go some small way towards changing the world. But more importantly, it has changed me.

  • @storyofmum: I love the project – it’s really inspiring&creative & has really got me excited about activism again in a way I haven’t been since my teens!

  • @tomofholland: @Craftivists shows, inspires and facilitates craftsters to unite their individual creative powers to raise awareness of social issues.